How should a guy choose an avatar for a chat?

How should a guy choose an avatar for a chat?

The Internet community is growing every day and now you can find quite a few people who do not use the capabilities of the Internet for various purposes. in A lot of users do business and study the Internet, have fun and earn money, communicate and fall in love.

A really great percentage of people who turn to the possibilities of the Internet do this in order to make up for the lack of communication that they experience in everyday life.

Most often in the Internet, communication takes place in a variety of chats and social networks that make it simple and affordable. You do not need special knowledge and skills for online communication. What is more, almost any modern gadget is suitable for an access to the Internet.

An avatar as a user’s business card

In the main services that are used for communication between guys and girls, one of the conditions of use is to register in the system and create your profile. The success of your communication in this service often depends on the correctly created and designed profile. One of the important parts of the profile is the user’s avatar, because it is the avatar that first catches the eye in the chat and allows you to draw certain conclusions about its owner.

A correctly selected avatar is the key to your successful communication in the future and you should take this image seriously enough if you want to interest someone.

It is better if you choose your own photo as an avatar. If you use a someone else’s image instead of your one, it may give your interlocutors some thoughts:

· A completely different person is hiding behind such an avatar;

· The profile owner is trying to emphasize the character traits that he would like to possess with such an image.

Which photo to choose as an avatar?

In an effort to create your profile in a chat or a social network, you should take into account certain recommendations for choosing an image as an avatar, because this is your business card on the network.

When choosing a photo, consider the following:

· Your photo should show your image and your figure in a profitable way. At the same time, your posture should be relaxed, and your face should have a smile;

· If you have a photo where you are with friends or a photo where you are alone, choose the second one. It is best if you are in an unusual situation in the picture. For example, riding a horse;

· If you have several options for a photo as an avatar, choose the photo where you look directly at the camera. Such an avatar will be able to attract your interlocutor;

· The interior of the room or the background where the photograph was taken is important. It is best if your image is captured on a light and plain background;

· Taking pictures, do not expose yourself, even if you have perfect muscles. It should be in moderation.

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