How to show sympathy to a chat

How to show sympathy to a chat

When chatting, it is not always clear whether your interlocutor likes you. And we are talking not only about text, but also about video chats. Although, in the latter case, identifying and expressing sympathy is quite simple – it is reflected in the voice, manner of behavior, look, and giving non-verbal signals.

How to show sympathy when communicating on video?

Firstly, it is worth giving non-verbal signals. For example, girls can remove hair from the face, correct the hairstyle. It is also worth smiling, not only with your mouth, but with your eyes.

Secondly, talk about your interlocutor, take an interest in his opinion, hobby, pastime. Let him know that you are interested in him. Laugh at his jokes, not even very funny. Yes, sincerity is important, but in this case you can resort to this little trick.

Thirdly, relax and be confident. Be yourself, do not try to play any role. If you really like your interlocutor, then you should not pretend. You can even directly say about your sympathy, if gestures and hints were not noticed.

How to show sympathy in correspondence?

If you like your interlocutor, but you cannot talk to him personally, then you have less options to show sympathy, but the situation is also not hopeless.

Remember that you want to know as much as possible about the person you like. Therefore, be interested in his opinion, ask questions about his life, plans and so on. It is also known that the interlocutor’s sympathy can be judged by how often he writes to you. This works both ways – write to him more often, but you should not be annoying. Writing every free minute is not a good idea. But to wish good morning and good night is a good option.

Not only the quantity but also the quality of the messages also plays a role. Try to put emoticons, do not respond monosyllabic. But do not overdo it with the number of emoticons. If you put them after each word, this will frighten off the interlocutor.

And, of course, the most obvious and undeniable opportunity to show the other person that you obviously like him is to flirt. Flirting can occur not only in a video chat, but also in correspondence. In the first case, it can be laughter, eye throwing, etc. In the second they are emoticons, compliments. Flirting can be different, easy and frank. It all depends on what kind of conversation you are having and what you are ready for in the future.

Most importantly, do not be afraid to show your sympathy. Yes, you can wait for the first step from your interlocutor, but for a long time? It is much better to let him know that you are interested in your communication. Hints or even direct words – show your imagination and be yourself! Then communication can develop into something more. And, communicating in video chats, do not forget to take the number or address of the person you like, otherwise you are unlikely to be able to see him again.

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