Choosing an avatar for communication with a guy

Choosing an avatar for communication with a guy

Avatar is the face of a user on a social network. From the image, you can determine character traits, features of appearance and other parameters relating to a person on the other side of the monitor. The avatar plays a special role in chat when communicating with the opposite sex. We offer you to get acquainted with the main types of avatars that girls use in chat when communicating with men:

1. No avatar. Such accounts are often maintained by new users who want to get acquainted with the site or are not going to communicate at all. Typically, a girl is in search of an answer to a question regarding the presentation of herself in a chat.

2. The original photo. It characterizes the girl as open, realistic, having her own position person. It is also worth considering the pose in which the woman is depicted in the photograph. Relatively open fasting, gestures, emotions on the face indicate that you have a cheerful person who is eager for communication.

3. Animals. This is one of the most popular avatars. The fact is that each animal has a set of certain qualities. For example, a cat expresses courage, grace and independence, a puppy means fidelity, friendly intentions, a lioness means strength and self-confidence, etc. If you see such an avatar, it is worth knowing that the girl does not necessarily possess qualities that are inherent in an animal. Rather, this is what a girl thinks of herself.

4. Cartoon characters. Using this image, you can determine what a person thinks of herself at the moment.

5. Avatar with a famous person. This is a hidden message that says that the girl is modern, she is interested in music, cinema, sports and other areas.

6. Heroes of films. Many women subconsciously imagine themselves leading in a pair. To understand that this is so, you can use the avatar, which depicts superheroines from famous films or cartoons.

7. The temptress. If the photo depicts a sexy girl in nude or half-naked person, you communicate with a feminine, sexy lady who has certain erotic fantasies. She is bold, frank, and able to give you a lot of pleasure from communication.

8. Shocking images. Such pictures are chosen by people who like to surprise, scare, and seem mysterious. These avatars are characteristic of young girls seeking to express their individuality.

9. “Evil” pictures. Such images are posted by users who seem independent. However, as practice shows, these are sensual and vulnerable women.

10. Non-standard photos. They show people who know their worth.

11. Pictures of the eye. They are chosen by girls who take a sober view of life and have their own point of view in almost any field.

12. Pictures with the inscription. Often carry a message.

13. Abstractions. It is another type of avatar that is preferred by women with creativity.

14. Nature. Avatars with nature, insects, and architectural structures are preferred by women who are prone to thinking outside the box. They are laconic and not always ready to talk about themselves.

An avatar is able to tell a lot about a person, so when choosing an interlocutor, you should consider this point.

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