5 Signs That Girl You Met On The Internet Is Fake

Let’s say it honestly: most of us literally “live” in the network. And sometimes it is not the safest place. Now experts warn about the types of cyberbullying or violence in the network that everyone can face. But there is one more unpleasant thing that you should beware of in dating online. These are fake users. People who pretend to be not whom they are and who can make friends with you. And you can take it all at real value, and even be obsessed with such relationships.  

To recognize deception is not that easy. But there are five main signs that will help you uncover a fake lady in online dating video chat:

  • She Wants Relationships Very Fast

Everything should happen on its own time. If people get acquainted in real life, they do not become best friends the next day. In the virtual space, the same rules apply. So if your new acquaintance wants to immediately be close and become more than just a friend too quickly, it can be a worrying sign.

  • She Does Not Say Anything Specific  

All phrases are very vague and generalized. No details. If she says that she is in a business school, she should know some industry details instead of claiming “I am not interested in politics and economics.” Perhaps she is not literally a fake, but struggles to make an impression of being smarter, richer and cooler than she is.

  • You Have Constant Problems With Communication

Webcam does not work for some reason, the smartphone is constantly broken, she is constantly busy and can not talk for long. Even if you agree on a meeting in real life, the last moment something goes wrong and everything is canceled. Perhaps she cheats on somebody and is looking for adventures with you. However, make sure you do want such a suspicious adventure.

  • She Insists On Keeping Your Online Communication In Secret

You will not believe it, but it happens. If you communicate online, but she asks to pretend that you are not familiar if somebody asks, then this is a very, very, very bad sign. In fact, it can mean anything, from her being married to a gangster to her being under 16 and hiding her webchat obsession from her Muslim parents.

  • Your Friends And Relatives Are Disturbed

Sometimes people get so confused with the fake users’ manipulations that they are ready to do really illogical things, like sending money to somebody they do not know, or going to a different city/country to somebody they only met online. Naturally, their friends and relatives are worried. If yours are worried, perhaps you should reconsider your actions and decisions.

If you have not found anything, or still doubt, then try to arrange an interrogation for your “fake.” Ask her where she lives. Then ask a couple of questions about his native city, the answers to which every resident must know. Write down everything she tells you about her, then ask the same later and compare the answers.

During online communication try to hear your inner voice, and if something goes wrong, just press the “Next” button and enjoy video chat dating without these complications.

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