5 rules for kissing a girl

5 rules for kissing a girl

A perfect kiss can make you happy. But it also can cause disgust, anger and even hatred. We offer you five extremely simple rules for kissing a charming girl.

· Fresh breath. How many relationships were destroyed due to lack of fresh breath? Bad breath can completely discourage the desire to kiss and generally continue the relationship. Not many decide to tell about such an unpleasant moment to their partner. Therefore, do not put the girl before the choice to leave you or stop kissing at all. You should not eat garlic, onions and smoked fish before a date.

· Choosing the right place and time. A simple situation – you are in a cinema, your girl is ready to cry from what is happening on the screen, the main character is dying and suddenly you kiss her. No matter how much your partner loves you, such an untimely expression of feeling will clearly not be appreciated. Spontaneous kisses are beautiful, but a much better romantic setting, a walk in the park or a slow dance at a party.

· Duration. The average kiss lasts only a few seconds. But in the memories and sensations of the girl it is long. The main thing in touching the lips is not how long the whole process lasts, but the feelings that it gives. Do not seek to extend the time of action, work on quality, because it gives amazing emotions and pleasure.

· Places for kisses. When reading romance novels, we often see the lines: “He kissed her on …” and here any person thinks only one part of the human body, in particular the face – lips. Yes, of course, in order for the kiss to be reciprocal, you should kiss on the lips, but why do not you surprise the beautiful lady and touch her lips on the corners of her lips, cheeks, ear, neck, fingers or wrist? Believe me, kissing in unusual places, you can give a lot more pleasure to your partner.

· Accurate knowledge of partner preferences. The fifth rule of kissing girls is a direct violation of all the previous paragraphs. If you are sure your partner loves the smell of garlic, then boldly eat it before a date. Kiss for a long time. All this is allowed if you are 100% sure that the girl will like it, and she dreams of such feelings. If you have any doubt about her reaction, it is better not to take risks and kiss as your partner loves.

In conclusion, I want to say a few words about virtual kisses. Not about emoticons and emojis that are easily sent in batches. If you want to kiss a lady in Omegle and Chatroulette, you can paint the whole process in detail. Do not be lazy and find descriptions of this action with great poets and writers. Believe me, even copied someone else’s text will be effective. And if you choose the right words for yourself, then a virtual kiss will surely turn into a real one in the near future.

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