Is it worth talking about your ex in a chat?

Is it worth talking about your ex in a chat?

Omegle and Chatroulette are gradually gaining popularity as they guarantee easy communication with new people. However, there is a category of users who seeks to make acquaintances in order to build relationships in the future. As in real time, online communication involves observing several rules in order to get a long-awaited result in the future.

Communication about your ex is a rather sensitive topic that can bring people together or push them away. If the acquaintance lasts only a few days, then you should not touch on this topic for several reasons.

Comparison with your ex

When a person learns more information about a former partner, then at a subconscious level a feeling of insecurity, or a desire to imitate, begins to grow. The questions constantly revolve in my head:

• “How much more do I earn”;

• “Do I have the same sense of humor?”

Gradually, you may feel as if a third partner has appeared in your relationship, that you need to get rid of. As a result, the couple develops constant tension, irritation breaks out, unfounded claims, which often leads to scandals, distrust arises.


When a man begins to describe in detail and to the smallest details the relationship with his former partner, it is difficult for any girl to contain her own fantasies and raging feelings, especially if the topic is about sexual contact. Even the calmest person can lose his temper in such a situation due to growing jealousy, a sense of injustice.

Feeling of disappointment

Sometimes there is a feeling of unjustified hopes. Listening to stories about past relationships, a girl may not like the outcome.

The beginning of the information war

Most often, such events appear about emotional and overly temperamental people who are in a quarrel ready to use any weapon, including information about past relationships. Having lost control, you can inflict a strong grudge on your loved one, whom he will remember for a long time. Frank information about a former partner can become a real nuclear weapon against a loved one.

And although many couples understand that those events that took place in everyone’s life until the moment when they met each other cannot be changed and should be taken for granted, they nevertheless often become the causes of a new scandal. Therefore, before you start talking about past relationships, you should think several times whether it is worth it and what are the risks of distrust, unreasonable jealousy, scandals, and feelings of insecurity.

It is important to remember that sometimes a conversation can take such a negative turn that even the calmest person will not be able to control negative emotions. Often, such revelations lead to scandals and even the complete end of a strong relationship.

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