The importance of dressing on the first date

The importance of dressing on the first date

Appearance on the first date is really important. To make a good impression on a new partner, you need to take care of your clothes on the first date. What rules need to be considered and what to choose for this meeting?

General rules

1. Remember that your clothes must be perfectly clean and ironed. Do not wear a t-shirt that is not the first freshness or a wrinkled shirt – this will negate the effect of your conversation skills.

2. Dress for the season. A girl in thin nylon tights in severe frost does not look tempting. First of all, you should take care of your own comfort. If there is a strong wind in cold weather, remember to bring a hat with you.

3. Check in advance where your first date will take place. Dress as appropriate – If you are planning a long walk, it is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes and skip heels.

4. Be natural. You should not buy a strict office suit if you are used to walking in jeans and T-shirts. Just pick the best pieces and complement your look with stylish accessories.

How to choose the right clothes for a first date

If your meeting is planned in a high-class restaurant, the woman should take care of a suitable dress or trouser suit. You should not choose evening options: give preference to the classic style and complement it with ankle boots or shoes with stable heels. A man can choose trousers with a quality shirt; it is recommended to wear a jacket in cool weather.

When walking in a park or forest, choose clothes that will not hinder your movements. Sneakers and trainers should replace uncomfortable heels and tight boots.

Do not overuse accessories. Shiny belts, a large number of jewelry and bijouterie – all this does not adorn you, but indicates a bad taste. By opting for restraint in style on the first date, you will never fail!

Do not choose an overly revealing wardrobe for your first meeting, unless you are looking for a light romantic adventure for one evening. If you are looking for a serious relationship with the possibility of marriage, a plunging neckline and fishnet tights may not be the best option.

There are also universal good form rules that men should not wear short shorts or beach shoes on dates. Even if it is hot outside, opt for a short-sleeved linen shirt and light-colored light trousers.

Thus, the choice of clothing for women and men on the first date is of paramount importance. It depends on how comfortable you will be, what impression you will make on the other person, and whether your second meeting will take place. That is why do not neglect the opportunity to show your best side. Even if your wardrobe is not very diverse, you can always choose clean and neat clothes that will look harmonious in any given situation.

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