Flirting in TinyChat

Flirting in TinyChat

Do not assume that the art of flirting is inherent in us by nature. This can be easily learned with expert advice. Knowing the rules of flirting will come in handy not only for live communication, but for conversations in video chats or during correspondence. How to seduce your interlocutor? Let’s take a closer look.

Outward manifestation of flirting

First of all, you need to draw a person’s attention to their appearance.


The eyes speak loudly at least about interest in the interlocutor. Try to fix your gaze on the person until he notices it. And then sharply turn away, and portray embarrassment. The look should be a little smiling and playful. Sometimes you should keep your eyes on the eyes of the interlocutor for a few seconds.


The right smile speaks volumes. Even in ancient times, this very gesture was considered the main one in attracting a partner. Try to smile as often as possible, especially when making jokes, even if they are not funny. It should be relaxed, light, and radiate joy and fun.

But do not overdo it, as you always need a measure. The smile should be fleeting. Do not smile when it is not appropriate. Also, avoid the grin as it does not look very attractive.

Location of body parts

Both men and women pay great attention to the body. And these are not ideal forms. This refers to the location of the arms, the correct curves of the neck, shoulders. With all your appearance, you need to try to emphasize all the advantages and hide the shortcomings.

Try to straighten your hair with a light movement, touch your lips. Sometimes you can run your fingertips over your neck or collarbone. All movements should be light, unobtrusive and rare.

When talking on video, it is best to sit on a flat surface or lie elegantly on the bed. The pose should be relaxed but attractive enough.


The voice should be soft, bewitching. Do not beep too much or raise your tone. Laughter should be iridescent, sonorous. But at the same time, you should not make your voice too sexy, as this does not create the best impression. It is best to be as natural as possible so as not to raise doubts.

What to talk about?

This question is most often asked because it is the wrong communication that turns people off. When talking, do not forget to inquire about the state of affairs, the weather, school or work. Avoid political, religious, moral and racial topics, as they can offend the person. It is worth understanding in advance in the interests of the interlocutor.

Since the purpose of the conversation is flirting, you need to focus on romance and sex. But do not go too far, try to hear your interlocutor and stop communicating on any topic if he reacts negatively to it. Before starting a topic about sex, it should take a lot of time, because if you start a conversation right away, you can push the person away.

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