How to communicate with a girl in a chat

The Internet today is a popular place not only for a pleasant pastime and easy communication, but also for meeting, which can later turn into something more. Therefore, if you have a goal not just to exchange a few phrases in the chat-roulette with the girl you like and you want her to love you, then use the following tips:

  • do not rush. Everything should develop slowly. After all, girls do not like to rush. They prefer to enjoy every moment, glances and compliments addressed to them even in a chat-roulette;
  • remember that nobody loves flattery. Let it be one or two simple, but sincere compliments than false compliments;
  • be tactful. Girls appreciate in men gallantry, attentiveness and courtesy. Act like a true man even here; show your interlocutor that you are ready to support her even in a in chat-roulette, in conditions of complete anonymity;
  • be able not only to listen to your interlocutor, but also to hear what she is talking about. And do not talk too much.

And the last tip: be original. Do not bother too much, do not ask the same questions that men had asked the girl dozens of times before you. Show her that you are not like others! Use every minute of your conversation in order to prove how it is important to you and how you appreciate every minute spent with her. You can even buy your girlfriend flowers. We are sure that no one has ever made such a gift in a chat. Therefore, even if she does not like your apperance, she will never forget such an act. read more

5 Signs That Girl You Met On The Internet Is Fake

Let’s say it honestly: most of us literally “live” in the network. And sometimes it is not the safest place. Now experts warn about the types of cyberbullying or violence in the network that everyone can face. But there is one more unpleasant thing that you should beware of in dating online. These are fake users. People who pretend to be not whom they are and who can make friends with you. And you can take it all at real value, and even be obsessed with such relationships.   read more

5 Online Dating Mistakes To Avoid

Video dating online is the hottest trend in the world today. Learn with us how to boost your chances and be successful in finding a right person. Here are five main mistakes people have done during online dating video chat.

  • Excessive expectations

As a rule, this is the sin typical for most women. At a time when the man has not decided anything for himself yet, he does not even know whether he will continue to meet with this lady any longer, she is already planning their common life and decides what names to give to all their common children and what school they will go to. In other words, it gives the partner its own aspirations and own expectations from this meeting. So don’t expect too much from online dating and respect the right of other side to say “No”, and even to leave without any explanation.   read more